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AWS Sumerian on Oculus Go

For those not that familiar, AWS Sumerian is a 3D/VR/AR (XR) offering available on Amazon Web Services. As a product designed to make creating XR apps easier than it competitors, it excels as partiuclar use cases.

One of my favorite is conversational XR apps using Sumerian hosts to personify the AI the user is conversing with.

Having recently been looking around the market for a VR headset that was small enough to carry around and at a nice price point. Oculus Go aligns with these needs nicely, putting aside the reviews that state lower than desired battery life and display quality / performance compared to PC teathered devices.

So the next phase was to develop a scene in Sumerian to use with the Go. For this I wanted to do virtual standups. Rather than having team members digging through emails, slack and evernote to find out whats going on, I wanted to present the standup details using Sumerian hosts and the GO.

Getting started with a small test is by far the easiest way to go, thus I created the template scene involving a host. This scene is very snappy in 3D in Chrome, when viewing on the GO in Oculus Browser the experiance is great. Go's controller works as expected as a replacement for the mouse, the content does not appear any more 3D than on the desktop browser due to the fact that it is simply rendered as 3D content projected on a 2D screen within a 3D display. Quite a mouthful, however thats what we are experiencing, 3D->2D->3D, so when viewing this content in native 3D the experiance should be much better right?

Not so great is how it turned out.

I imagine this is down to WebGL not being as efficient as native 3D rendering code running on the GO. Testing the same scene with Vive Pro and Nvidia GTX 1070 shows the difference, smooth nicely rendered graphics and an overall great experiance.

So, there we have it, AWS Sumerian is not so great on the Oculus Go in VR mode. That said, I like the the feel and sense that the Go can literally go with me. It feels rugged and easily fits into my bag.

Next up for the GO? I'll develop some native apps to see how well I can get it to perform.