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Singapore - Day 4

Day 4 of the Singapore trip started to get exciting, most of the jet lag is behind me and also is a lot of the data pipeline work that I needed to do.

So what to do now? make an app of course!

whilst I'm doing it, we may as well make use of the latest tools from Apple. Although running Beta's on all my devices sometimes proves challenging, today it was just fantastic.

Using swift UI to create an app to explore and visualize the data asset was a breeze. The experience was better than that of using Python to generate the data in the first instance.

I also explored the use of Augmented Reality from the Reality Composer tool Apple has provided as part of ARKit 3.0. My use case? show content about engines when the user views the team whiteboard with their apple device.

Within a few minutes I was able to get ARKit to recognize the engine marker plates on the whiteboard and show some information about each one. As a quick demo taking about 30 mins to create, it certainly created some excitement in the office.

I will follow up on this and explore the use of multi-user AR experiences from ARKit 3.0. After all is probably better to be opinionated at this stage to create something useful than try and cater for all devices and therefore the lowest common denominator. Lets create a Rolls-Royce solution for Rolls-Royce 😊

I tried to change my flights to get back home a day earlier, however nothing is available. I knew this when booking, its always good to keep checking - just in case. However it does mean I have an extra day (Saturday) to work on apps, yes I'd rather be home, have to view all situations as opportunities though.